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Getting Rid Of Fleas

Guide To Get Rid Of Fleas At Home|Guide And Tips

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats

All cats are susceptible to fleas but kittens, elderly cats and sick cats are particularly vulnerable. The first step is to detect fleas on your cats is to make sure they are infestedand not suffering from some skin infection instead. Typical signs of flea infestation are excessive scratching and itching, licking along the back, tail and hindquarters and the presence of gritty black and white specks on their coats indicative of flea faeces and eggs.

Steps to rid your cat of fleas

Getting rid of fleas on pets is not always easy since flea eggs and larvae get distributed around the house. Here are steps to follow to rid your cat and your home of fleas:

  • Run a flea comb through your cat’s fur to remove whatever fleas and flea debris you can.
  • Apply a flea repellent which can be a flea powder, flea repellent solution or a flea collar. There are many repellents available but make sure they are not toxic. There are a quite a few good flea control products for cats available at Amazon that are inexpensive. Many cat owners prefer to use natural flea repellents. A good natural repellent is to boil a lemon in water for a few minutes and allow it to steep overnight. The water becomes a repellent in which you immerse your cat for a few minutes so that the water penetrates through to the skin. This works only against mild flea infestation.
  • Vacuum the whole house taking particular care with the upholstery, carpets and any areas where the cat frequents.
  • Treat the whole house with an appropriate flea treatment like a pesticide spray or a Flea Bomb. This might be toxic so carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Deworm your cat against fleas which it might have ingested. Fleas are carriers of worms.
  • Repeat the treatment after a week to kill any larvae that might have hatched from surviving eggs.

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