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Getting Rid Of Fleas

Guide To Get Rid Of Fleas At Home|Guide And Tips

Flea Bombs

What is a flea bomb?

A flea bomb is a device for getting rid of fleas in an enclosed space like a home or building. Flea bombs are designed to be left alone to release pesticides or insecticides at a controlled rate. A flea bomb is also called a flea fogger because it creates a fog of the chemical it releases. Flea bombs or flea foggers are popular with consumers because they are a more cost effective alternative to hiring a professional pest control service. Each flea bomb is able to cover a particular floor space so the number of flea bombs required will depend on the size of a building.

What must a user know before using a flea bomb?

Flea bombs should be handled carefully because they might contain inflammable gases which could lead to an explosion if used in the presence of a naked flame or pilot bulb. In any event most flea bomb’s contents would almost certainly be toxic so the manufacturer’s instructions must be followed scrupulously. Other steps are to ensure that the home is vacated before use. All food preparation surfaces must be covered and all heat and fire sources turned off.

How does a flea bomb work?

When the flea bomb for home is activated, it releases toxic gases at a slow rate. The gas takes about 8 hours to fully penetrate the home and act. During this time the home shouldbe kept empty and firmly shut. After the 8 hour period the home should be well ventilated to expel all residual gases. It is best not to reenter the home for at least two hours after treatment. All surface areas should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any traces of the chemical. This includes cooking utensils in particular.  The flea bomb is effective only within the home. To eradicate fleas on your pet and the area surrounding your home, you will have to separately apply specific remedy solutions. Sometimes the gas is not able to penetrate certain areas especially under furniture and some inaccessible nooks and crannies. It is advisable to follow up a flea bomb treatment with an insecticide spray in these hidden areas.

Which are the best brands in flea bombs?

Some of the best known brands of flea bombs that work are Raid, which is also known for insect killing. Another good brand which has received excellent flea bomb reviews is Zodiac. Arguably the best brand with the best flea bomb reviews is the Mortein Flea Bomb, available in 150 gm cans. Each can is rated to be effective for about 175 sq ft of floor space. Mortein Flea Bombs leave no residual odor and its effect is good for 9 months after treatment.

Where to buy flea bombs?

The best places to buy flea bombs are at pet stores and supermarkets like Target and Wal-Mart. A good option is to buy them online at Amazon where they are available at better prices. You’ll probably get a better selection online as well.

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